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The essence of Erectile Dysfunction and the Pharmaceutical ways out

The essence of Erectile Dysfunction and the Pharmaceutical ways out

Previously ‘impotence’, and nowadays ‘erectile dysfunction’ implies too categorical perception of the problem, according to the principle ‘everything or nothing’. In general, ‘erectile dysfunction’ implies inability to achieve or maintain a full erection necessary for a full sexual intercourse. This definition is more fully and accurately characterizes the severity of a variety of sexual disorders encountered in medical practice.

Erectile dysfunction (more details about ED) is a very succinct definition. It also includes the cases of complete impotence when the man cannot achieve erection or the disorder can be so minor that neither the patient nor his sexual partners can be aware that something went wrong with the erection. According to statistics, among the inhabitants of large metropolises one in ten men of 21+ age is suffering from erectile dysfunction, and among those over 60 the statistics is even more disheartening – 40% of 60+ males suffer from ED symptoms.

Unfortunately, those suffering from ED may be more ashamed of their disease because of popular opinion that almost all the cases of impotence have a psychogenic nature. However, this view was refuted around ten years ago, thanks to the FDA approval research, clarifying the true mechanism of erection. Now, armed with the latest knowledge of psychology and physiology, we know that erectile dysfunction in up to 80% of cases occurs as a complication of various diseases, including diabetes and atherosclerosis.

Thus, for example, when atherosclerosis affects the blood vessels of the heart, this can result in a heart attack, and with the defeat of the arteries feeding the brain, it is possible stroke – bleeding in the brain. But not many know that atherosclerosis and likewise affects the arteries that bring blood to the genitals – and narrowing of the arteries of atherosclerotic plaques is more likely to cause erectile dysfunction. Many middle-aged people suffer from atherosclerosis of the arteries to some extent; although not all of these people will ever have a heart attack or stroke, even though the disease still has a negative impact, narrowing the arteries that supply blood to the penis.

Purely psychological causes of erectile dysfunction, such as fear of being unable to have sexual intercourse, dominate in patients of younger age (roughly in 70% of cases). But the majority of patients with erectile dysfunction are men in their late 40s and older. 80+ males have erectile dysfunction, as a rule, as a result of physical disease (not because of the violation.

Erectile dysfunction treatment: the way towards healthy sexual life

Canadian Viagra is best established in the treatment of sexual disorders caused by constriction of the blood vessels. The drug enhances the blood flow to the penis and relaxes penile smooth muscle. The preparation is prescribed to a wider range of patients, having a relatively limited number of contraindications: thus, it may not be suitable for the elderly and those having cardiovascular problems, renal insufficiency, kidney diseases and etc. (please, consult your doctor if you have serious conditions before taking the preparation).

Canadian Viagra provides a gentle action on your body – the drug enhances the natural erection, so it is not the stimulator – the uncontrolled, random erections are excluded. The preparation is recommended to be taken 30-50 minutes prior to sexual intercourse, although the ideal time frames should be picked up by the patient. The time frame may also greatly depend on the drug form: thus, Viagra Oral Jelly or Viagra Soft provide a faster onset of action. This way or the other, keep in mind that the drug may not work with the first intake for several reasons, so you should judge the efficiency of the preparation after 5th reception.

Keep in mind that the consumption of plenty of foods (fatty foods in particular) and alcohol may slow down the development of the effect. As a rule, in the absence of any diseases and contraindications, 20 – 40mg of Viagra is appointed, while in the event of problems with health the treatment starts with the lowest possible dosage. You must not exceed the dose of 100mg per 24 hours – going beyond 100mg may have a negative impact on your body and cause more significant adverse reactions (severe headaches, color changes, vomiting, etc.).

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The essence of Erectile Dysfunction and the Pharmaceutical ways out

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