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Hormones, Sexual Health and Testosterone


Deficiency of dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) is another common hormone imbalance that negatively affects men’s health. DHEA is produced by the adrenal glands and is an important precursor, or intermediate step, in the production of numerous hormones. DHEA deficiency symptoms include fatigue, decreased sex drive, decreased musculature, depression, anxiety, and hair loss, as well as increased risk for heart disease, stroke and memory difficulty. Most cases of DHEA deficiency are due to decreased age-related production of the hormone by the adrenal glands, and treatment options include compounded bioidentical DHEA or the over-the-counter 7-keto DHEA supplements. Sexual Health

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Finally, imbalances of the hormones most people associate with women — progesterone and estrogen — can also harm male sexual health. What is unique about these hormones as regards optimizing men’s overall health and wellness is the need to maintain proper ratios of these hormones with testosterone. Recommended testosterone: estrogen ratios range from 30:1 to 40:1. Understandably, the lower the testosterone level, the lower the testosterone: estrogen ratio becomes. Correction of the ratio requires raising the testosterone component and lowering the estrogen component of the ratio. The two keys to correcting this ratio abnormality are increasing the amount of testosterone in the body and preventing conversion of testosterone to estrogen by prescription of an aromatase inhibitor (type of drug that prevents testosterone from being converted to estrogen). As previously stated, the body actually converts testosterone to estrogen, a process requiring the presence of the enzyme aromatase. Examples of aromatase inhibitors commonly prescribed for this purpose include Tamoxifen (brand names Nolvadex, Ta-mofen, Tamoxen, Soltamox) and Anastrozole (brand name Arimidex). Try this website to order canadian medications online.


Just as the misinformation provided to the public on the findings of the Women’s Health Initiative study on hormone use in menopausal women, caused a tremendous setback for women’s healthcare, rumor-mongering about testosterone replacement therapy being a cause of prostate cancer, has resulted in a great deal of unnecessary anxiety among men. This information has prevented an incalculable number of already treatment-shy men, desperately in need of care for their male sexual health problems, from seeking the safe and effective testosterone replacement therapy that would have likely improved both the quality and length of their lives. Interestingly enough, current shifts in thinking suggest an imbalance of the estrogens (estrogen too high, testosterone too low) in the body may be one of the leading culprits for development of prostate cancer. The truth is that testosterone does not cause prostate cancer; however, men who have prostate cancer should not take supplemental testosterone because it will likely worsen their cancer.

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